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Free Shipping From USA. 1 year warranty and 30 days refund
Free Shipping From USA. 1 year warranty and 30 days refund

Natural Healing

Maderoterapia harnesses the power of wood to promote wellness and healing.

Body Shaping

Helps contour the body, reduce cellulite, and improve skin tone.

Lymphatic Drainage

Aids in lymphatic drainage, promoting detoxification and boosting immunity.


Unearth the secrets of this transformative body-sculpting technique. Originating from Colombia, Maderoterapia employs specially designed wooden tools to unlock your body's potential, enhancing circulation and aiding detoxification. Step into a world where nature and wellness intertwine, and start your journey towards a refined silhouette today. Experience Maderoterapia, and let the power of wood sculpt a new you.

Target all areas

Embark on Your Maderoterapia Journey

7-in-1 Wood Therapy Massage Tools

Unleash the power of nature with AiRelax's Deluxe Maderoterapia Kit! It's packed with everything you need!

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