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Free Shipping From USA. 1 year warranty and 30 days refund
Free Shipping From USA. 1 year warranty and 30 days refund
A Complete Guide for Relieving Sciatica Pain with a TENS Unit

A Complete Guide for Relieving Sciatica Pain with a TENS Unit

Do you have sciatica pain? Then it is pretty obvious that you are searching for a reliable treatment method. Sciatica pain can be extremely uncomfortable. This is why you need a treatment that works fast. The therapy should target the affected area and offer instant comfort.

So, what is the safest method for treating it? Consider the TENS unit for sciatica pain. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a drug-free technique to treat different types of pain. Physicians often recommend TENS to people suffering from osteoarthritis, sciatic pain, or carpal tunnel.

What Is Sciatica?

Did you know the longest nerve is the sciatic nerve in our bodies? Sciatica is a disease that affects this nerve. The nerve starts from the lower back and goes all the way through the legs to the foot. We feel sciatica pain due to the pressure on this sciatic nerve.

With this condition, cushioned disks separate and often come out of their position. When that happens, it puts pressure on the sciatic nerve leading to much pain.

Does The TENS Unit Really Work for Managing Sciatica Pain?

There is not enough evidence or proof to know the efficiency of TENS machines for sciatica. However, the individuals who have used it have some amazing results to share. According to a study, TENS can lessen chronic hyperalgesia caused by muscle inflammation

A study from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering showed that the TENS unit helped 5 paralyzed people mimic leg movements. This is a huge discovery and development in the field.

TENS therapy is a non-invasive and safe way to treat people with sciatic pain. The best part about this therapy is that you can adjust the therapy as per your need.

You could use the help of a medical expert to learn the working of a TENS machine. Once you understand that, you can use TENS units for sciatica pain. The device allows you to manage sciatica pain so you can lead a healthy and happy life away from pain.

Electrode Pad Placements of TENS Unit for Sciatica Pain Relief 

To treat sciatica, the most important thing to note is electrode placement. To get relief from the pain, the device must be in the right position. Stimulating the accurate nerves will help to relieve the pain faster.

If you are using the device for the first time, you should learn to self-adjust it for better results. Read the manual and adjust the unit accordingly and notice what is most effective for you.

The first step to the right placement of electrodes is to feel where the pain is coming from. Once you get that painful spot, put the electrode in the area. You can find these spots by touching around the sciatic nerves.

It is recommended that you use either 2 or 4 pads to keep the electrode current moving. Place the electrodes in such a way that it covers the painful area. Place two pads just above the pained area and two just below the pain sensation

You can also consult a medical expert to help you with the electrode placement. In addition, you can place the TENS unit in other areas too. This will offer pain relief. Furthermore, visiting a healthcare expert will prove beneficial. This is because they will help you figure out the right acupuncture points. Placing electrodes in those spots will offer almost immediate pain relief.

The Best TENS Unit for Sciatica pain on the Market 

1.AiRelax 24 Modes TENS Unit Physiotherapy Massage Machine

    24 Modes Tens Unit Physiotherapy Massage Machine for Muscle Stimulator and Pain Relief

    This 24 modes Tens Unit Physiotherapy Massage Machine from AiRelax  is an ideal choice who want to make the most of their money. The device is good for relieving pain and fatigue, metabolism, and promoting better blood circulation. The large LCD display with a white backlight allows you to better monitor your working status.

    The device is button controlled which makes it easy to operate it. You can change the intensity of the TENS unit according to your liking and set a timer for your massage sessions. This way the TENS unit will automatically turn off when it’s time.

    Because of the dual independent outputs feature, you can use the unit to treat different pained areas of the body or share it with a loved one at once. Other than this model, AiRelax has an array of different TENS unit options to choose from.

    Best Features

    • Has 24 Massage Modes
    • The TENS unit comes packed with 2 electrode wires, 2 small electrode pads, 2 middle electrode pads, and 2 large electrode pads.
    • Has a pad holder board and an acupuncture points chart
    • Has a large LCD display

    2. PurePulse Pro TENS Machine from Pure Enrichment

    PurePulse Pro TENS Machine is a small portable machine that will be your next best friend. This electronic massager is a must-have for those suffering from chronic pain. You get everything in the package you may need. It consists of two lead connector wires, four electrode pads, an electric pulse massager, and one travel bag too.

    Best Features

    • Choose from 25 intensity levels that are therapeutic and effective. It is a great choice for people requiring a permanent solution for all types of pain. To chronic and acute pain, this machine works well to treat them.
    • You have a total of 8 settings to treat different parts of the body. Moreover, it comes with an LCD and timer too. This allows you to customize the therapy as per your choice and need. Isn’t this a hassle-free and simple way to treat pain?
    • The electrode adhesive pads are simple to store and use.
    • The product comes with a whopping 2 years warranty.

    3. NURSAL TENS Machine

    Choose from 20 different intensity levels to get instant relief from pain. NURSAL TENS Machine has a touchscreen feature. The device comes with eight electrode pads. They are a popular choice among buyers because:

    Best Features

    • Compact and portable device making it lean and easy to carry around.
    • An LCD screen that makes it easy to navigate for all. They are ideal for youngsters and seniors alike.
    • Strong battery performance. You can charge the device like a phone.
    • It combines the power of TENS and EMS unit that treats pain quickly.

    4. Mini Massager TENS Machine from TechCare

    Are you in search of a budget-friendly TENS machine? Then TechCare Mini Massager is the ideal choice. The machine has over ten pre-programmed modes. However, you cannot customize these like on other machines. But if you are looking for clean alternatives to treat sciatica, then this is a good option.

    Best Features

    • It has 2 adhesive electrode pads. These are suitable to target the affected areas and treat pain.
    • You can use the device for various reasons like tapping, acupuncture, cupping and so much more.
    • It has a rechargeable lithium battery along with a timer. You can adjust the timer as per need. The best part of this machine is that the batter lasts for 20 hours long after continuous use.
    • The product has a 1-month money-back offer. Additionally, it has a lifetime warranty. Please contact the manufacturer for more details.

    Final Words

    TENS cannot be declared as an established way of managing pain due to the lack of research. But in a good number of researches, TENS was proven to have a significant effect in reducing different types of pain.

    AiRelax is a reputed TENS unit manufacturing company known for its high-quality intelligent massage tools. Also, AiRelax makes sure all the products are user-friendly and reasonable. All of their products are FDA-approved and have a 30 days return policy. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase TENS units for sciatica pain from AiRelax to get the best deal.   

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