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What are Muscle Knots and How Tens Unit Can Help in Treating Them

What are Muscle Knots and How Tens Unit Can Help in Treating Them

Have you ever experienced pain in the neck, back, or shoulder blade? Then you might have had something called muscle knots. Even though the name makes it seem like it is kinked or twisted, it is not the same. 

What Is a Muscle Knot?

A muscle knot occurs when a muscle is irritated due to repetitive motion. This is most common in athletes when they train certain muscles for some time. In some cases, muscle knots occur when they are in an unusual position for a long period.

For instance, driving a car continuously, sitting at your desk without breaks. These can cause your muscle to knot up as the position tends to irritate them.

What Causes Muscle Knots?

Here are some common reasons for muscle knots that you must know:

If you work at your desk for long without breaks, it can lead to muscle knots. Sitting in the same position for long periods is the major cause of these knots.

Symptoms Of Muscle Knots

Usually, muscle knots are small nodules or lumps. You can touch them and are palpable. However, they can also exist deep in your muscles. So, you might have to touch them harder to feel them.

If you have the following symptoms of muscle knots:

  • Tingling sensation or numbness
  • Intense pain
  • Reduction in the range of motion
  • Nerve pain

Usually, trigger points cause referred pain. When you touch the trigger point, it spreads through the nearby muscles.

This is how you differentiate between a tender point and a trigger point. If you are wondering what a tender point is, read on. It is a point that causes hurt only when you touch it. Also, the tender point pain does not spread to other nearby muscles.

A common reason for these muscle knots is the trapezius muscle. It is a triangle-shaped muscle that starts at the neck. It goes to the shoulder and mid of your back.

Knots and tension in these muscles are often due to bad posture and stress.  Additionally, muscle knots can have other symptoms too. thus you can use the TENS Unit for muscle knots for the following and they are:

  • Pain in the lower back
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Tinnitus
  • Headaches, tension

How Does TENS Unit for Muscle Knots Help in Relieving Pain?

As per some studies, the TENS unit for muscle knots allows you to deal better with muscle pain. It relieves muscle soreness, tightness, and spasms.

In addition, it also reduces their occurrence. When you injure your muscles, muscle guarding happens. This is when the surrounding muscles tighten up to facilitate healing.

It also ensures no further harm occurs at the site. The TENS unit for muscle knots is known to create endorphin flow and relieve pain.

The TENS unit for muscle knots releases endorphins that help to soothe your muscles. Using both EMS and TENS machines you can easily get rid of muscle knots.

TENS units are an advanced treatment option to heal different kinds of pain in muscles. TENS can help control neuropathic pain caused due to a spinal cord injury.

Best TENS Unit for Muscle Knots

1. 35 Modes Electric Tens Unit Relax Muscle Stimulator

This amazing 35 Modes Electric Tens Unit combines two massage therapies (EMS & TENS) to treat pain caused by muscle knots. It helps to eliminate discomfort and soothe your muscles. Reducing muscle tension and physical fatigue TENS unit for muscle knots manages pain.

If you are suffering from shoulder, neck, or back pain, try this massager today. Experience instant relief from intense pain. Attach the massage patch to various body parts to relieve pain. 


  • Best choice for families as 2 people can use it at once
  • Cost-efficient device compared to similar options in the market
  • 20 strength levels adjustable according to your need
  • 35 modes of massages for you to choose from
  • Comes with an auto shut-off function
  • Scientifically designed massaging device
  • The built-in battery of 90mah

Price: $25.99

2. 8 Modes Tens Unit for Pain Relief Pulse Massage

The 8 Modes Tens Unit from AiRelax is designed to stimulate muscles and nerves that help to manage pain. The machine is a combination of modern technologies such as micro-electronics, electronic biology, Chinese meridian science, and bionics.

It relaxes your body and offers instant relief. You can use it to treat pain in your back, legs, shoulder, lumbar, or joints.


  • It is a compact and portable pain treatment device
  • Incorporation of modern technologies for treating pain
  • Comes with 8 modes of programmed pain treatment methods
  • 10 intensity levels to relieve pain
  • Adjustable massage timer
  • Rechargeable battery strong enough to work up to 6 hours continuously

Price: $35.99 

What More Can You Do to Treat Muscle Knots?

Apart from using the TENS Unit for muscle knots, you can try some additional methods for managing pain. Here are some tips to help you treat them at home.

1. Stretching

Often simply moving around can help with muscle knots. As we discussed earlier, sitting in one position for a long time can cause these knots. Body movements help to loosen these muscles. Stretching is a great way to get those muscles moving. Also, they prevent future muscle knots too.

2. Hot and Cold Therapy  

You can choose to alternate between heat and ice for muscle knots. You can start with ice packs and then switch to a heating pad. If you feel one feels better than the other, then stick to it.

3. Massaging the Trigger Points

You can try giving firm pressure to the muscle. This sometimes helps to release the knots. You can either use a foam roller or just your hands to put the pressure. Find the trigger point and press it hard. Keep repeating it many times until you start feeling better.

4. Seek Professional Help

If you are unsure about your massage skills, consider a professional massage. Let them know the knot and ask them for advice. Also, you can work with your therapist to identify the exact cause of the knot.

Remember it can take time to finally get rid of the pain. You might need several massages or treatments to treat the pain. This might cost more than buying a TENS unit for muscle knot but it will help you better understand the source of the pain you are feeling.

The Bottom Line

You need to first know your needs and then go for a TENS unit for muscle knots. AiRelax gives you a wide range of products to choose from.

Our TENS unit for muscle knots has helped many people and now it’s your turn to experience the amazing benefits of these devices. Make sure to check out our website to find your TENS Unit for muscle knots.

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